The weekend.

I took a quick trip to New York City for the weekend. It was my girlfriend’s 40th, but she got sick with the flu the day before my flight. So what did I do? I did a food crawl to some of my favorites places and visited a couple of new places too!
I’ve been slightly obsessed with two types of boba lately. Boba Guys (make your way down below) and Tiger Sugar’s brown sugar black tea. I order this with the mini boba. I find them easier to eat and more satisfying since there’s a ton more in my cup. There are a ton of reviews about the wait, but I’ve always been lucky to walk right up to the front.
I have a day one tradition when I land in NYC. First appointment is to get one of the best reflexology on Mott Street. Second is to find a place to eat in Chinatown. And I usually do! A few steps away is Noodle Village restaurant which I stumbled upon through Instagram stories. This place was so delicious I’m definitely adding it to my list of places to always visit. Can’t wait to go back!
One of my favorite sushi spots is Kazunori – The Original Handroll.  You can always find me here or at Sugarfish when visiting LA or NYC.  The fish is fresh and the recipe never calls for a ton of ingredients. But the key ingredient is their fresh batches of rice!  Definitely a must!
Elizabeth Street has been one of my favorite streets – great shopping and specialty restaurants. I accidentally discovered this cute bakery called Little Cupcake Bakeshop. By accident, I mean this man was holding a box of cupcakes while hailing a cab so I had to go in. I didn’t order a single cupcake since the employee suggested that I order their famous Brooklyn Blackout cake. Best decision ever!
Eek! I was so excited to have another drink of the strawberry matcha. It’s been on my mind since my trip to SF in December.
I had my lucky charms when I walked by Prince St Pizza…there was no line. Obviously I had to get a slice of pepperoni pizza after lunch. No one does pizza better than the New Yorkers. (Fyi, I walked by after dinner and the line was down the street.)

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