Everything you need to know about hair care.

Let’s be honest. How much do you spend on new hair products  every year?  Well, studies show that the average woman will spend approximately $55k in their lifetime.  Pretty crazy!
Obviously you’ll need to experiment with a number of product brands before you find the right one.  Keep in mind!  We all have different hair texture and color so be certain to identify which hair products suits your needs!  If a product is designed “for curly hair,” it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for all types of curly hair.  There are other factors that need to be accounted for.  Ethnic background, weather climate, age, etc.  There is no one particular product that is fit for everyone.
Here are some of my favorite products I love….and they really do work!  What are some of your favorite products?
Alterna Caviar – Perfect Iron Spray
We all suffer hair damage caused by the sun, from your surrounding environment, and heat from hair tools.  I discovered Alterna Caviar years ago and have been a fan ever since.  The brand uses eco-certified ingredients for high performing results and it really shows.  Before applying any heating tool to my hair, I generously spray the Perfect Iron Spray throughout my hair.  Then I brush thoroughly so that all the strands are coated before curling.  This heat activated spray prevents frizz (there’s high humidity in Hawaii) and minimizes split ends during those in-between hair appointments.  The fact is, I’ve had less split ends and damage since using this spray.
Drybar – 3 Day Bender 1.25 Inch Rotating Curling Iron
What a difference!  My hormones have radically changed from my twenties to my thirties.  Beachy waves to stick straight hair strands which make it difficult to keep the curls stay intact.  I swear by the Drybar Curling Iron!  It’s been the best game changer to my morning routine.  The 1.25” gives me the loose, beachy waves that lasts all day even in humid weather.  The rotating clamp is very functional and prevents your hair from being tangled.
Davines – This is dry texturizer
After curling, I spray this generously throughout my waves and run my fingers through.  It gives an instant fix to a full-bodied, tousled look.  It’s great if you have fine hair or if you crave that extra volume for a full day on the go.
Alterna Caviar – Working Hair Spray
The final step and my most favorite for many, many years!  The Caviar hairspray holds the wave and allows you to brush through with your fingertips without getting tangle.  And the best part, the hold lasts all day!

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