It’s an eternity, which the same as forever!

Seen here in the pave/bezel eternity bands and the pave half eternity ring.

When I was in my early 20’s, I’ve dreamt about owning an eternity band and it didn’t matter if it was gifted or that I had to be married to get one.  I eventually purchased a traditional pave setting with diamonds set all around. The diamonds were extremely tiny (in fact, I’m not sure if there were any!) and the quality wasn’t spectacular but it was still an eternity band of my own! 
I always knew the eternity band would be my to everyday ring.  And it still is today! It’s a staple that I sometimes wear alone but most often, you’ll find me stacking it with other layers of rings.
I’ve been asked frequently about the two most popular settings – pave and bezel. I’m unbiased when it comes to a preference on either settings. Honestly, both styles are extremely popular! I recommend you invest in the setting that compliments your personal style. And hey, if you can afford them both, then why not!

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