I love to travel to the East during fall. I miss the cold brisk air, walking through the fall foliage in Central Park, and wearing all my fall wardrobe I only get to wear once or twice a year. This was the first trip in about three years that I walked through the city alone. And it was magical! I was constantly busy, busy eating my way through the city.
I always eat at my usual spots because I crave them most of the year, but I discovered a few new faves on this trip! One of my newly added breakfast spot is Tal Bagels. This place is everything and more! Every morning there is an assortment of fresh bagels and a large selection of cream cheese. I don’t know about you, but when I eat I bagel (which is very rare) I pack on the cream cheese like nobody’s business. Possibly a bad habit I picked up when I lived in NY but it’s stuck ever since.
Also, found KazuNori Sushi – The Original Hand Roll Bar in Midtown. I usually eat here when I’m in LA but recently found out that they opened a little while ago. Hands down one of my favorite lunch spots! There’s always fresh sushi rice which is the key ingredient to making a spectacular hand roll!
Finding a gooood pizza is one that I can’t seem to locate in Hawaii so I usually wait for one of my travels to indulge. I discovered this popular upscale pizza joint called Emily in West Village. Yes, Emily makes one of the best pizzas ever! All handmade to order and cooked in a wood burning oven. Pretty pricey for a pizza but it was the best $25 I’ve spent in a long time!
I went to Union Square Market twice to hunt down Andrew’s Honey! I kept hearing about his delicious honey. After tasting a bunch of flavors, I left with two bottles of the original Linden and the spicy flavored honey for cooking. Honey is a key ingredient in our household not only for hot tea, but for making dressing and other sorts of entrees. If you can’t make it to the city, you can place your orders on his website.
Reservations at Carbone are difficult to come by! The hype has been ongoing for years and apparently for one good reason. The rave is all about their famous spicy rigatoni vodka. But not to worry, everything on the menu is going to make your mouth water. The Italians know how to use the least amount of ingredients and still pack each dish with flavor!

My favorite drink spot is Cha Cha Matcha. I love anything matcha and there’s a ton of assorted flavored match teas.

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