Momofuku store front

Momofuku appetizers

Spicy cucumbers and crispy potatoes

Shoyu Pork Ramen

Shoyu pork ramen

Milk bar

Did you know that Vegas has so many of my favorite eateries to date!?!  One of them is Momofuku.  Yep, I’m a total sucker for r-a-m-e-n.  It’s one of those dishes that I can have when I’m having a rough day, hungover from the night before, sick in bed, or when the temperature is chilly.  Need I say more?
I sat at the bar and the staff is amazingly friendly and chatty when they have a second or two.  I’m a huge fan of Momofuku NY and this location too!  Their broth and noodles are flavorful and almost feels like you’ve traveled to the motherland of Japan.  Never been but dying to go one day soon!

Try these!
Spicy cucumbers – togarashi, toasted almond
Crispy potatoes – honey mustard, crunchy garlic, almond.  This is amazing!  And this dish is not offered on the NYC menu, a Vegas commodity.
Shoyu pork ramen – pork belly and shoulder, slow poached egg
Room for dessert?  Walk over next door to Milk, their dessert bar.   They’re famously known for their crack pie and cookies.   I always grab a cereal milk soft serve.

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