nail care!

I don’t know about you, but I looooove getting a mani/pedi regularly.  That one hour or so is my “me” time to get pampered. 

For years, I frequently painted my own nails due to bad nail paint jobs from multiple tail technicians.  I eventually became decent at painting that I stopped getting professional manicures.  I would paint my nails every 4 days!  Although, I never did the pushing or cutting of the cuticles for fear of doing it wrong.

I take a lot of images of my hand so it’s necessary to keep my nails well moisturized.  I recently discovered this cuticle serum by Olive and June!  I swipe the serum left to right or right to left about 3-4 times a week.  The Cactus Flower serum is absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving your skin with an oily residue.  Probably the best new find this summer! 

What are my favorite nail polish brands?  My hands down favorite is Deborah Lippmann’s collection.  It’s quite pricey for a bottle but the nail polish will last almost a week after all the household chores are done.  And that’s a lot of abuse on my nails! I also love Essie for their wide selection of color palettes.  I don’t find it lasts as long but there a million and one colors. And my new favorite is Olive and June!  Reviewers have commented that it can last up to 2 weeks! We shall see….

A couple of my color favorites are Deborah Lippmann’s “My Old Flame” and OPI’s “Funny Bunny.”

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